Monday, October 20, 2008

I see dead people...

Last September I was having an awful day. So I did what I normally do, go for a drive. I had no destination in mind except for the hell away from where I was. I was on a road that immediately turned into northbound I 15. Being the adventuring type I kept going. Half hour into my journey I decided to go to Logan to see a friend. Trouble is I have never driven there myself and didn't know the way. Turns out I missed the exit and was on my way to Idaho. Not wanting to go there I got off at the Tremonton exit. 5 minutes there and I was homesick. Driving through the town I saw this sign. Being curious I drove 3 minutes down a dirt road and visited this quaint cemetery. It was nice. It was getting cold so I got in my car, grabbed a cup of coffee, and headed home. Next time I'll tell you of my barefooted trek to the Mountain Meadow Massacre site.

P.S.. Sorry for the cliche's late.


I know she's kinda crazy now, but in the film New York, New York she is crazy sexy. I'd like to time travel to the 60s and get with some smokin' cardigan-wearing librarian type chicks

Robin Williams

This creeps me out.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Danny Boyle

Dear Reader,

Danny Boyle is one of my most favourite directors ever. I love European cinema altogether, but his films the most.

I recently watched the movie A Life Less Ordinary and loved every second of it. Anyone that may read through this blog would be doing themselves a great disservice if they do not watch this film. To hell with whatever Rotten Tomatoes may say (for what it's worth, I have never and will never, visit this site) Dhan. No one, especially a community of online losers and morons, can tell you what you like. If they can, I weep for you. Danny Boyle also directed 28 Days Later, Trainspotting, and Sunshine. These are all fantastic movies in their own rights, but I wanted to express the love of the most recent Danny Boyle adventure I had.


Richard Starkey

Richard Starkey, member of the Order of the British Empire, is more well known as Ringo Starr. On 10/10/08, Starr announced he will not sign anymore autographs sent or presented to him after 10/20/08. I don't know much or care much about the Beatles, this is just news. So there you have it Mother and Uncle Boyd, anything you need signed by him will need to be done post haste.

Monday, October 13, 2008

I took a drive today...

Time to emancipate

Why Dhan? Why?

I think that this is proof enough that Dhan and this cigarette-smoking son of a bitch are working together.

Sunday, October 12, 2008


Dear Cedartonville. I shall return. I intend to live out my last days in a cabin up Cedar Canyon.

Dear Child.

This was my baby boy Robin. I saved his life. I no longer have him, but still love him.

Tall buildings.

If by any chance someone from another major city reads this blog, I realize this and other buildings in the downtown Salt Lake City area are not massive, sun-blocking, steel heaps of commerce. But to a Utah native, this is pretty large. I have been elsewhere with tall buildings, but I do not live there and see them daily. So, leave me alone. K? Thx, bye.

Toby really is a Daly.

It seems as though whenever a member of the Daly family gets their picture taken, their attention is diverted to either the upper right or left of the frame. This phenomenon crosses the human/animal border. Strange.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

The Way Out Is Through

There are days when the aesthetics of my town outweigh the negative side of it's stupid drivers, slutty women, wannabe gang bangers, smokers, drunks, and just too many damn white people. This was one of those days.